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Embrace Menopause with Valen Vital Health.

Do you feel like no one is listening and the healthcare industry is dismissing your menopause symptoms as "just a part of aging"? You're not alone. Valen Vital Health provides personalized hormone replacement therapy and ongoing support to help you feel like yourself again.

Valen patient holds a sign reading help asking for hormone help

Hormone replacement therapy

Millions of women experience menopause symptoms every year.

It is a natural transition in a woman's life, but it can come with a variety of uncomfortable symptoms that can significantly impact your quality of life, making it difficult to work, sleep, and enjoy your relationships. Such as ...

Hot Flashes

Sudden waves of heat, often accompanied by sweating and flushed skin.

Vaginal Dryness
Decreased estrogen levels can result in vaginal dryness and discomfort.

Weight Gain
Metabolic changes and hormonal fluctuations can contribute to weight gain, especially around the abdomen.

Mood Swings

Feeling irritable, anxious, or experiencing sudden shifts in mood.

Sleep Disturbances

Changes in hormone levels may lead to insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns.

Cognitive Changes

Hormonal shifts may affect cognitive function, leading to forgetfulness or difficulty concentrating.


We're here for you.

The healthcare industry's tendency to dismiss women's concerns about menopause, treating it as a natural process that doesn't require medical attention.


The lack of awareness and understanding about menopause, leading to women feeling isolated and unsupported.


The stigma surrounding menopause, preventing women from openly discussing their experiences and seeking help.

At Valen Vital Telehealth, we understand the silent battles women face during menopause. We recognize the emotional toll it takes, and we're here to listen.

A group of women Valen patients laugh while discussing hormone therapy
A woman Valen patient speaks on the phone in her office


Continuing to ignore  

Your symptoms will only lead to more frustration, discomfort, and a diminished quality of life. You may experience worsening symptoms, strained relationships, and a lack of confidence in yourself.


And because we understand your busy schedule, our telehealth platform offers a convenient and comprehensive hormone replacement therapy (HRT) program designed to address the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause, restoring your balance and well-being even in the midst of an already hectic life.


Here's how it works:
Valen patient reads about weight loss and hormone therapy on her computer screen


Complimentary Consultation:

We'll start with a thorough consultation to understand your unique needs and concerns. ​During this session, we provide detailed information on available treatment options and discuss pricing details.

Valen patients, three women, celebrate hormonal balance by dancing


Personalized HRT:

We'll work with you to develop a personalized HRT plan that's right for you.

Two Valen women patients enjoy a walk on the beach


Ongoing Support:

We'll provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your HRT journey.

Beach Outfit

Let us help you get back to feeling like yourself.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and energized instead of being plagued by hot flashes and night sweats. Picture yourself enjoying a renewed sense of emotional well-being, free from mood swings and anxiety. Envision experiencing intimacy and pleasure once again, without the discomfort of vaginal dryness. It's not only possible - you deserve it.

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