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At Valen Vital Health, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to our clients, extending beyond our core services in weight loss, hormone therapy, and urgent care. Recognizing the interconnected nature of health and well-being, we've curated a dedicated page to feature trusted businesses, speakers, and resources that align with our values and can further enrich our clients' health journeys. This page includes detailed insights into initiatives like Operation Yellow Tape and motivational insights from figures like Jason Redman, along with links to their podcasts and videos. By sharing these resources, we aim to create a holistic health ecosystem that supports our clients in all aspects of their well-being, fostering a community of health, resilience, and continuous growth.

Valen Vital Health


Valen Vital Health

Operation Yellow Tape


Led by Lt. Kenny Mitchell, is a movement dedicated to dismantling mental health stigma among first responders. Born from Mitchell's personal loss and his understanding of the silent battles faced by many like him, this initiative provides essential resources, events, and a podcast to support those struggling in silence. Its annual events have successfully brought together communities, offering mental health workshops and rallying support for causes like food and hygiene drives. Recognized for creating a space where openness and seeking help is encouraged, Operation Yellow Tape is an invaluable ally, making it a commendable resource for Valen Vital Health's audience.

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Wicked Good Lawn Care

Transforms ordinary lawns into lush outdoor spaces with their top-tier lawn care services. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional turf care that garners client trust across neighborhoods, commercial areas, and HOAs. Their eco-friendly approach ensures sustainability is at the core of their services, which include expert lawn maintenance, mulching, seasonal cleanups, gutter cleaning, and more, all designed to enhance your landscape's health and beauty. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in glowing testimonials praising their professionalism, attention to detail, and competitive pricing. Continuously innovating and learning, Wicked Good Lawn Care remains at the forefront of lawn care expertise, making them a go-to for those seeking to elevate their outdoor spaces.


Jason Redman

A retired combat-wounded Navy SEAL, leverages his extraordinary experiences to teach leadership, resilience, and teamwork through his motivational keynotes, training, and coaching. With a focus on building an Overcome Mindset and guiding individuals and organizations through adversity, Redman's programs are designed for anyone seeking personal and professional growth. His 21-year journey as a Navy SEAL has equipped him with transformative lessons on overcoming life's ambushes, which he now shares globally. His services cater to a wide audience, including corporations, professional sports teams, law enforcement, and more, offering customized content to meet specific needs. With accolades from entities like Home Depot and endorsements from industry leaders, Redman's impactful presentations are renowned for energizing and transforming his audiences. His work includes best-selling books and the development of the REACT methodology, aimed at navigating crises and fostering leadership and peak performance.

Valen Vital Health

Pretty Bird Weddings

Valen Vital Health is proud to partner with Pretty Bird Weddings and Events, the newest gem for those seeking an idyllic wedding or event venue. Nestled within 30 acres of untouched beauty, Pretty Bird Weddings and Events promises an experience that's as breathtaking as it is unique. With an offering that includes a stunning modern barn and the natural splendor of the outdoors, every moment here is set against the backdrop of majestic Mt. Pilchuck and the serene company of evergreen trees and melodious birds. The estate is a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife, from graceful horses to vibrant birds like bald eagles and peacocks, enhancing the magic of your special day. A spacious, fully equipped house on the premises ensures comfort for you and your guests, making every wedding or event not just a day to remember, but a tranquil retreat. Discover the charm and elegance of Pretty Bird Weddings and Events for an unparalleled celebration at unbeatable prices. A visit to our enchanting estate is a must to fully appreciate the recent upgrades and the versatile beauty it offers for your most precious moments.

Valen Vital Health

Michelle Kuzmick

Valen Vital Health is pleased to showcase Michelle, a beacon for entrepreneurs aiming to enhance their business journey. With over two decades of experience, Michelle embarked on her entrepreneurial path in photography, before the digital giants like Google and Facebook dominated. Her initial goal was simple: contribute to her family's income while being present for her children. This aspiration evolved into a broader mission to aid entrepreneurs in navigating their ventures with less struggle and more success.

Michelle specializes in branding, strategy, and Kajabi tech solutions, offering personalized guidance to reduce the entrepreneurial journey's common pitfalls. She's more than a consultant; she's a partner in your success, providing strategies that streamline processes, alleviate stress, and speed up revenue generation.

Her commitment to entrepreneur success is unwavering, whether you're a newcomer or a longtime follower. Valen Vital Health values Michelle as an essential resource for our community, dedicated to transforming entrepreneurial dreams into achievable realities. Let Michelle help you elevate your business from "meh" to "OMG!", enabling you to live the dream life you've always wanted.

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Valen personal trainer helping a man lift and lose weights


Have you been experiencing challenges like low libido, reduced muscle mass, impaired memory, slow metabolism, and fatigue? These aren't just symptoms; they may be signals that you're dealing with low testosterone—a common condition that affects millions of men, casting a shadow over your life. These aren't just symptoms; they may be signals that you're dealing with low testosterone—a common condition that affects millions of men, casting a shadow over your life. The good news is, it's treatable and Valen Vital Health can help.

woman who takes semaglutide for weight loss on the scale


Are you struggling with unwanted weight? Beyond its impact on appearance and self-esteem, excess weight can compound chronic health issues such as blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, depression and poor sleep. Whether you're looking to lose 10 pounds or 50, our Semaglutide and Tizerpatide therapy can be your trusted companions on your weight loss journey. At Valen we are dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey seamlessly combining prescription medication with personalized exercise and nutrition plans. 

two women laughing and discussing weight loss and hormones


If this sounds familiar, “That’s just a part of aging.” You’re not alone. Currently our healthcare system is falling short with merely 6% of women that seek help for menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms finding relief. Menopause may be a part of aging, but enduring it doesn't have to be. Our team of experienced and compassionate healthcare providers will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan as well as provide ongoing support to ensure you are experiencing the best possible outcomes.

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